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Mistakes that you should avoid when you are choosing a private cloud service provider


The modern world has adopted private cloud solutions or computing very first. Many people, businesses, and organizations are now considering it because of the advantages that it has to offer such as flexibility, security, and reliability among other benefits. According to studies, the cloud computing industry is expected to grow year in year out. Although the private cloud offers many benefits that are very difficult to ignore, you will only be able to maximize the benefits if you avoid making many mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes that people make while choosing a private cloud service provider and how to avoid them

Choosing any provider who comes your way

This is one of the mistakes that you should never make when you are choosing a cloud service provider. One important thing that you should always know is that the private cloud providers are not the same. Therefore, you should never assume that all cloud services are the same thing. Although moving to the private cloud solutions is a huge step, making an effort to find a solution that will match your business needs is another very important step. Each service comes with unique costs and levels of performance. Therefore, you should take your time going through different services before making a suitable choice.

Ignoring the performances of the service provider

This is also a common mistake that many people do make. It is very important to know that different service providers will always provide offer different performance levels. The same service provider may also provide different performances at various levels. It all depends on how you are planning to take advantage of the infrastructure and service provided. But you should keep in mind that the service offered may behave very differently. It will also be up to you to decide on a certain performance level. You can go all the way until you reach the optimum performance level that you prefer.

Expecting any type of application to run on any cloud

This is also a very serious mistake that people do make when they are choosing a cloud service provider. It all depends on the infrastructure that you have. For example, if you are dependent on windows, you should not even think of going for google. Before committing to a cloud provider, it will be very important to do your homework very well.


When you are choosing a private cloud service provider, there are certain serious mistakes that you should avoid. The first common mistake to be avoided is choosing the first provider who comes your way. Only settle for a provider after doing thorough research about them

Mccoy Emory
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